Hire Right
Reduce Injuries
Retain Employees

Wellness-as-a-Service (WaaS) provided by trained specialists.



Assessing Job Candidates
Differentiates Your Company

Attract employers by providing a validated pool of qualified candidates beyond your current screening, making sure that they are physically capable of performing jobs.

Assure that candidates are aligned to the right jobs in the basic skills category.



Testing The Actual Tasks
Differentiates Your Company

Customize the matching of candidate to a job at a specific employer by addressing the physical demands of the job.

Reduce injury and claims by utilizing workers that are better physical fit for the specific job duties.

Minimize turnover because candidates are hired with the right capability.

Provide ADAA compliancy. The testing is integrated into the hiring process as candidate progresses to a conditional hire status.



Providing Early Care
Differentiates Your Company

Reduce the risk to employer by decreasing reportable injuries delivered through a concrete program.

Improve retention as organizations are facing "The Great Resignation" by addressing the early signs of pain and reduced productivity.

Demonstrate to your employees that you value their health and safety at the jobsite; thus, boosting engagement and retention.

You know how it's hard for employers to fulfill all their staffing needs in today's job climate?

E3 Testing, Inc. assists with these challenges by helping companies attract and retain valuable workers. We do this by improving employee safety at work, early intervention for the aches and pains that reduce productivity and increase turnover, as well as returning the injured workers to their job faster through a back to work program.

By partnering with E3 Testing you will be able to fulfill your workforce needs by attracting qualified workers and keep them productive, fit and safe for their job tasks.

Thus, you achieve your objective to provide your customers the quality service for which you are known through a cost-effective solution that enables you to maintain your reputable name, increase your revenue and achieve your growth targets.


Heidi Goff

Founder and CEO

Heidi has a history of building and bringing to market services in health and wellness to support our community and businesses. She is known for her therapy recruiting and staffing services through Assurance Therapy.

Her latest endeavor, E3 Testing, implements innovative services to help connect our residents to companies with a better physical match for jobs in our market. This helps keep employees engaged and employers with a productive workforce.

Heidi received her Physical Therapist degree at University of Central Florida in 1997. Her classmates enjoy getting together throughout the year building life-long friendships. She enjoys staying active through cycling and cardio tennis; however, a good book to further her craving to learn is always on the nightstand.